Favner offers expertise services within several areas in the capital markets space:

Business Analysis

Big technology investment/rationalization decisions require a solid foundation of facts. We help you collect and analyze these facts. Typical assignments are:

  • conducting a delivery, upgrade or system replacement pre-study
  • compiling a thorough requirement specification
  • participating in a system evaluation or selection process
  • identifying rationalization potential in a system environment and operational streamlining of associated processes and workflows.


Be it a delivery, upgrade or system replacement project, we can contribute to all phases and levels in an implementation project:

  • analysis, design, coding
  • unit testing, quality assurance, user acceptance testing (this often overlooked area is one of our focus areas)
  • user training and hand-over to the support organization
  • project management and team leading.


We help you extract as much value as possible from an existing system installation by customizing and extending existing system functionality. Building proprietary solutions within a well-defined framework can be a highly competitive alternative to buying standalone solutions in terms of cost and time-to-market.


Building robust and reliable integrations between systems in a complex system environment is often a key success factor. We specialize in integrating systems in the trade lifecycle management system chain for straight-through-processing (STP) purposes. Recent examples include TriOptima and MarkitWire.


In a real-time trading environment performance is always subject to improvement. We do:

  • performance investigations
  • performance tunings (both server-side and client-side)
  • hardware dimensioning
  • third party software evaluation
  • grid enabling (distributed calculations) to overcome calculation bottlenecks.

Outsourcing / Vendor applications

Outsource or complement your in-house teams with resources from us for the following vendor applications:

  • SunGard Front Arena, we provide world-class expertise. Our experts have at least 10+ years of experience of Front Arena or minimum 5+ years of actual core development experience at SunGard Front Arena.


By combining competencies from our service areas Business Analysis, Implementation, Customization and Integration, we can offer you a tailor-made service package addressing a set of issues that many capital markets participants are currently struggling with: Consolidation. Typical focus areas are:

  • strengthening the risk control functions
  • regulatory reporting and compliance
  • cost cutting and rationalization
  • increasing the level of automation of workflows and processes.

Interim Management

In the fast-paced and ever-changing capital markets environment, temporary staff shortages on management positions are sometimes inevitable. We help you fill the gaps with interim management. Our experienced consultants have senior management experience from trading IT organizations (with business as well as with technical focus), trading software vendors and consulting organizations. Typical interim roles are:

  • group manager
  • team leader
  • project/program manager
  • department/group head.

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